Actors Headshots


For actors I charge a flat rate of £275.00. Now, I see a lot of photographers and studios giving lots of different pricing levels for increasing services. Not here. Here what you get is a session that lasts as long as it needs to, to get you the pictures that you are happy with. Usual sessions last around an hour and a half, I find this gives the best results, keeps you fresh and looking at your best.

Instead of then sending you away, shooting over a contact sheet and leaving you to chose your pictures, I will go through each and every one with you, narrowing it down to the best four. I will offer my professional opinion on the images I think best represent you whilst listening to what you want and need from your session. This way you get two sets of eyes, two opinions and the very best from your time with me. Once we have come to a decision on the final four, I will retouch them to a high standard, one colour set and another in black and white, send them over to you in a digital format and you can do the really important thing, get them out there. 

I know I said this was a flat rate but there is one little thing that may inflate it. If you really can't decide on four images and you absolutely have to have five or even six, I do charge £40.00 per every extra image I retouch. (I spend a rather long time on each one) Apart from that the rate is set, I shoot in my home studio, I make a fine cup of coffee (or tea if you are that way inclined) and you get a cracking set of images. Job done.

Shoot me over an email if you want to have a chat. (oh yeah, included in that fee is a jolly good chinwag about what you are looking for before the session date. I like to know who I'm shooting.)


Corporate Headshots


What do you get for your £800.00? Well it really depends on what you want. This is a general cost that reflects two days that you will book out with me for your "Meet the Team" page. This includes one days shoot and another days retouching. 

Day one - I will come to your offices with all of my professional kit, set up in one of your meeting rooms, a breakout area or anywhere that has enough space that I can set up a backdrop and my studio lighting. All you need to do is rouse the troops and send them my way.

I am able to turn out a good variety of shots within a small time frame. I know how much people have to do at work and their main focus isn't to be spending time with me. I aim to make each individuals time with me as fun and easy as I can, I realise that most people aren't used to standing in front of studio lighting and can clam up (I'm one of those people) so a quick and relaxed approach is the one I find works best.

Lets talk numbers. I can usually get through around 40 people in a day. If you have a few more, thats fine, a few less that's fine too. The rate will stay the same as I will be booking the whole day for you. 

Day two -   I wake up, make a strong cup of coffee and get retouching. Now, this isn't going to be heavy air brushing ready for a fashion magazine but a light retouch of all images. Making sure skin is looking bright and fresh and removing any of those pesky spots that ruined your school photos back in the days of film. 

I will then output them in any format you need, to make your job of uploading them to your website easier, just give me the dimensions in pixels. I will send you two sets of digital copies, one ready for web and one print size just in case you need them for publication. 

As always included in the price is a good chat about your wants and needs from the images. Send me styles that you like, ideas and any info that will make the shoot run smoothly on the day. 

I this sounds like something you could get on board with drop me a line and we will go from there.


Product Shots

Product shoots are a little harder to put a flat rate on. It really depends on what you want from the shoot. I can offer anything from smaller items shot in my home studio to larger items that will require a studio space larger that I posses. No matter the item I will always get you the very best images to show of your product. 

For smaller items, I will use my home studio and I operate on a day rate of £350.00. This is for the shoot itself and any additional days that it takes for the post production. 

For larger items such as furniture I will require extra space and will need to hire a studio. All of the costs will be added to the final bill and my day rate will be £400.00.

With any shoot I like to to talk to my clients before the shoot and this is particularly true with product shoots. I will need to know exactly what you are looking for. Is it a campaign shoot, some simple ecommerce? Do you need an all singing all dancing retouch or just a light touch up? 

If yuo need your products to shine through the compertition then please do get in contact for a chat.